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While words can inspire and still images can be memorable, no media is as effective in grabbing the attention of potential clients as video. It is currently estimated that online content videos receive 50 billion views each month. An online custom video can be utilized to engage and capture the attention of a viewer in a way other marketing tools just cannot replicate. At Legal Wed Solutions, LLC, we are able to craft online custom videos as part of a marketing package to enhance your legal website and help your firm reach the next level.

Benefits of Video

There are several benefits to investing in an online custom video as part of an online marketing plan. Regardless of firm size, online custom videos can achieve the following:

  1. Personal and direct outreach through voice-over
  2. Coding and use of keywords and phrases for SEO purposes
  3. Videos can be linked to direct the user straight to the website
  4. Videos increase the amount of time a viewer or searcher spends at your particular site
  5. Video can highlight a specific message and relay a quick message with substance
  6. Video can be comprised of client testimonials for new potential clients
  7. Video can complement the style and design of the site
  8. A video can be aesthetically pleasing, making your site more impactful
  9. It creates a connection to your firm, bringing your firm to life
  10. People Love Video

A professionally produced and crafted video added to your legal website can open the door to a new audience and work in conjunction with other marketing techniques. As an SEO tool alone, the phrasing and coding of a video can further propel your legal site up the search engine pages and reach a wider potential client base. The emotional and personal connection through a helpful video can set your website apart from the competition and make a lasting impact. The main goal is not only get searchers to your site, but to keep them there. A customized online video will do that.

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