Local SEO For Lawyers & Law Firms

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Reasons Lawyers Should Invest in Local SEO

There is typically a local intent when people searching for the services of a lawyer or law firm. Example: “Boston divorce lawyer” or “OUI attorney in Cambridge ma”, “Family lawyer near me”. Using locational terms and tools to climb in the local rankings and attract targeted searchers are vital for the growth and relevance of a legal professional website. SEO techniques can be taken farther to target local searchers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Local SEO for law firms can ensure searchers in the area see your company name

and phone number for quick access on mobile devices and traditional searches. Over 70 percent of searchers in need of legal help choose a local attorney over other options. Many law firms in Massachusetts aren’t paying attention to local SEO. Legal Web Solutions, LLC, can incorporate local SEO techniques into your internet marketing plan to ensure you reach the potential clients who need your services.

4 Local Search Statistics

  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online

  • 50% of mobile searches for local businesses are followed by a visit or another type of contact.

  • 40% of all mobile searches are for local businesses.

  • 20% of all search queries are for local businesses.

Local SEO For Lawyers

Optimizing For Your Needs

We can develop a customized local search marketing plan based on the individual nuances of your firm and your firm’s needs. Our company can take the time to research effective tools and understand the unique needs of your firm. Our customized approach can ensure you get relevant visitors who are actively searching for what your firm has to offer and the practice areas you specialize in.

One tool that we utilize as part of a local SEO plan is the landing page. We can customize a landing page that contains your business profile that is linked to your website directly. The customized profile will appear on common search engines, such as Yahoo local, Google local, Bing local, and any other search engines local users utilize. Through keyword usage, we can target the location in particular.

Local Search is on the Rise

The cost-effectiveness of a local SEO campaign is one reason any law firms should make the investment to focus on local search tools. It has been proven that local SEO landing pages have one of the highest return on investment in internet marketing.

Building a Marketing Strategy for Your Firm

Legal Web Solutions, LLC, can analyze your target audience and customize a plan that will attract that local audience. Full service local SEO techniques can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach the local user on the go or the searcher at home who is searching for your services. By being noticed and available quickly to a local searcher, your firm can be one step ahead of the competition. Let Legal Web Solutions, LLC, analyze your local market and institute a local SEO marketing plan that will get your law firm noticed by those who need you most.