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Responsive Mobile Web Design

When someone searches for a site and is ready to click, the ease of use and layout has to make a positive first impression. It only takes seconds for a searcher to leave a site and try again with another site. Searchers are increasingly looking for services on mobile devices, meaning your legal website needs to be accessible and adaptable to capture the attention of a mobile user. This adaptability is responsive mobile web design. At Legal Web Solutions, LLC, we can create responsive mobile web design to increase traffic and the adaptability of your legal website in order to increase its viability in a mobile world.

Why Responsive Design?

An ordinary site created for desktop use has a workable layout for larger screens. If responsive mobile web design is not used, that site can be difficult to read and maneuver on a small mobile screen. While a user can zoom in on content or contact information, that process can create frustration and take longer than users care to bother. Some businesses choose to create an entirely separate website for mobile use. This can impact search rankings, SEO use, and do more harm than good when someone searches your legal services. Having one site, one domain name, which adapts for mobile use is optimal for the user and for your legal practice.

Mobile Usage Exceeds Desktop

Internet use on mobile devices has skyrocketed. If your site is not mobile friendly your business could be missing out on possible client conversions. A responsive mobile web design will result in a mobile site that loads faster than a desktop site will on a mobile device. The coding and layout will create a visual field that is appealing for a mobile user and much easier to navigate than a shrunken desktop site. It will be easier to read and swipe to see pictures, click videos, and follow links to blogs and social media sites. This is particularly beneficial since most social media sites are accessed via mobile devices today.

The smart design technology makes responsive mobile web design a must if you want to compete with other law firms in the area. Searchers are not just surfing the web on mobile devices to pass the time anymore. The mobile device is an active tool while users are on the go and want information fast. If any part of the experience on a mobile device becomes awkward or difficult, those searchers simply leave your site. You can’t afford to exclude responsive mobile web design for your New Hampshire or Massachusetts law firm.

Legal Web Solutions, LLC, understands the trends online and how those trends are impacting marketing for legal firms and practices. With the exponential use and reliability of mobile devices, we know the importance of responsive mobile web design. We can create innovative, appealing, and easy to navigate sites that adapt for the mobile lifestyle now and in the future. Let our marketing team show you the responsive mobile web design capabilities we have and how we can provide a smart design that meets your needs and the needs of potential clients.

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